nce the tiles are clean and dry, we
recommend the application of
“Imper-Vallés” and then “Cir-Vallés”
wax for interiors. For exteriors apply
“Imper-Vallés” only.
Note: Some tiles have a decidedly
rustic look; that is, there are minor
faults of shade, proportions,
flatness, spalling, exfoliation, some
grains of calcium, scratches, etc.
However, these are not really faults.
Quite the reverse, they help to
create the true beauty of an old floor
which is, after all, what the people
who choose our earthenware tiles
are looking for. It is advisable to mix
the tiles and lay them with a wide
join. Baldosas Vallés, S.L. assumes
no liability for incorrect laying, bad
treatment or incorrect use of the
material. The photographs
illustrating this catalogue are not
meant to be an exact reproduction
of the colours of the tiles; they are
merely an approximation of the real
colours, shades and finishes.